Regeneration Introduction

Corey Digman, Owner

Regeneration, by definition, is a way for you to become the best version of yourself! Through our total body corrective exercises, workouts, nutrition and motivational tools, you will be able to tap into a deeper world of  longevity!

Corey Digman, Owner Digman Fitness

How do I get started on REGENERATION?


What others are saying about the program...

“I have been training with Corey for almost 4 years. Although I participate in ‘group’ classes, I feel like I am really getting ‘personal’ training. Classes are small enough that Corey can watch you as an individual to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly. And they are fun! Corey even reviewed the X-rays from my chiropractor to see the issues I have with my spine and hips. He is great about modifying exercises for ‘me’, knowing that I do have limitations. He takes a self-assessment of each participant and keeps progress reports to see our improvement. I am over 50 years old and I feel stronger than I ever have. I owe a lot of this to Corey and his style of training.”

Madison, Wi

"I truly enjoy working out in Corey's program at Digman Fitness. He is fun, happy and professional. His expert knowledge and exercises has not only improved my range of motion but I have been pain free from arthritis and macro degeneration. I recommend anyone to his exercise facility! Thanks!"

Dan McCarthy
Madison, Wi

“Corey took the time to test me for imbalances and area of opportunities and created a set of specific exercises to help me work through some injuries. During workouts, he kept an eye on me and suggested modified moves for a great workout while being safe. I especially appreciated his emphasis on rolling before and stretching after a workout. It was great to have an All-American athlete on the floor with us.  Thanks Corey!”

Madison, Wi

More Training and Resources

Our Regeneration Program offers a variety of corrective exercise techniques that an individual can perform to get better. Participation in these techniques prevents against injuries which occur everyday in your given sport of life. Once you sign up for our weekly newsletter and our Regeneration Program, you will be guided through and held accountable to get better each week!