Measures of Progress

How do you measure your health and wellness? Do you weigh in, perform a skin fold test, do annual check ups with your doctor? Let’s take a minute to dissect what really helps YOU track YOUR progress and improve overall health.


Typical measures of health and wellness:

  1. Body weight
  2. Doctor Check up (blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.)
  3. Skin Fold body fat tests
  4. Body Girth measurements (hips, thighs, waist, chest, etc.
  5. BMI

Better things to consider while measuring progress:

  1. Resting Heart Rate (healthy Heart rate at rest taken first thing in the morning without an alarm while lying down is less than 80 beats per minute)
  2. Heart Rate & Stamina improvements while performing weekly and monthly tests in the gym
    • Take heart rate as soon as you finish your last set of exercise during a workout
    • Perform same circuit (similar intensity) and re-measure heart rate to see improvements
    • A typical time-frame of conditioning improvements is generally 3-6 weeks depending on sleep patterns and diet
  3. Strength improvements while re-testing your favorite circuits (this depends on your goal- what is your sport or lifestyle?)
    • Pick a movement to retest based on your interest (bench press max, squat max, pushup max, pullups, etc.)
    • A typical time-frame of strength improvements is generally 4-6 weeks depending on sleep patterns and diet
  4. Mood (how do you feel throughout the day?)
    • If your mood is improved then you are eating optimally and exercising regularly (hopefully its something you enjoy too)
  5. Mobility & Flexibility improvements
    • What do each of your joints reveal about how you move? (we need optimal mobility and stability to prevent against pain and perform exercises properly)
  6. Consistency
    • How consistent are you at performing a diet of 80-20 (80% natural foods and 20% fun foods)
    • How consistent are you moving? (5 days/week at 65-85% max heart rate for 30 minutes)

Think of the above 6 measures as daily checklists for you to use. If you focus on the little habits of performing deliberate exercise, nutrition, sleep and fun then your goals of a happy lifestyle will follow. Body weight, BMI, skin fold, etc. are all good measures of specific things, but are NO WAY an indicator of total health! Be sure to take everything into consideration while planning out a healthy lifestyle.