Health & Our Budget

When it comes to making time for our health, there are a few important factors we take into account:

  1. Do I have enough time to invest in my health?
  2. Do I have enough money (or take time away from my career to spend 15-30 minutes on a workout or even 60 if you travel to and from a gym)?

This can be a tough subject for most individuals because of a mindset shift from old habits. The effort isn’t all that hard if we take a few minutes each week to reflect and prepare for what we have ahead. Believe me, aim for small improvements and forget about the big picture each day.

Below is an example of where we spend most of our money:

  1. Living (housing-all utilities and taxes included)
  2. Food (leisure and practical)
  3. Education
  4. Transportation 
  5. Clothing
  6. Leisure (vacations, travel)

What if we were to understand how to give and take in certain areas? or budget (Dave Ramsey) each of those areas?

I believe this all comes down to GOALS. If we want to spend more time, for example, getting HEALTHY (one goal of many different priorities) why not try a few of the following:

  1. Living– cut down on TV watching or cable all together (save nearly $100/month). This can go towards a great amount of healthy groceries, for example or hiring a coach.
  2. Food– cut down on fast food. Did you know that the average cost for one meal is the equivalent of buy and making 2-3 other meals (or even a weeks worth of one meal!)? For example, an average meal at a fast food restaurant can range from $5-$12 depending on how much it is (this is being generous). One breakfast meal including black beans, rice, eggs, salsa and greek yogurt is under $12 for a whole week! If we take a few minutes educating on how to meal prep, we can save tons of money. This is even a large breakfast of 1/4 cup of rice, 1/4 cup of beans, 3-4 eggs and 1/4 cup of salsa and yogurt that I do. ****I have included a mock list of what my average household food expense looks like down to EACH meal below
  3. Education- What are you good at? Who is in the position you want to be in? Hang out with them, learn from them, read books and save thousands of dollars. Find what you are good at and market it.
  4. Transportation– This may go hand in hand with living, but work hard to find a house close to work or your job so that you can save money on gas and ride your bike (carpool is great too!)
  5. Clothing– Any and most brands of clothing can be found on sales racks in discount stores (Goodwill). You can find a whole outfit for $20 rather than a pair of jeans or a shirt for the same price. Nice clothes CAN be found for a discount.
  6. Leisure– What are your interests? Find a vacation spot and budget for it by following the above rules. Even saving $50 a month can do some great things!

I like to use a budget Excel Spreadsheet for all of my spending so I know exactly where my money is going each month in all categories. This may help you find a better idea of where to cut spending to help your goals! Have fun and good luck!


Sample Meal Plan:

Breakfast- (Numbers are based on one person/week)

Dozen Eggs .49c ($4 if you buy organic)

Black Beans .89c

Salsa $1.49

Yogurt $1.89

3 small Tomatoes .89c

Wild Rice .88c

This is a mexican egg breakfast recipe that I make which includes cooking eggs, rice and black beans together in individual servings for the week. I add the chopped tomatoes also after they are cooked. When I eat each individual serving, I add a TBSP of salsa and plain yogurt to mix.

This meal for the week TOTALS up to $6.48!!

If you don’t add anything with your breakfast except a few strawberries then your total for the week would be less than $3!!

Lunch- (Numbers are based on total for week)

Sweet Potato .69c each

Chicken Breast $20 (10# Bag which will last you 40 servings)/Steak/Fish ($5-$8)

Asparagus or Brussels Sprouts $2.49

Salt/Pepper (Priceless and lasts forever)

This meal for the week TOTALS up to $6.68!!! 

Add in a snack or dessert and it can total an extra $3-5

*This same variation can be used for dinner as well

Snacks- (Numbers are based on total for week)

apples $4.00

Strawberries/mixed berries (freeze them) $7

almond milk/milk $1.99

nuts/seeds $5-$7

bananas $1.50 (freeze and blend in mixer with almond milk for ice cream)

Lara Bars $4.49

This meal for the week TOTALS up to $20-$26!!!


Your total for the week in food will be between $39-$45! NOT BAD!