Favorite Books I Read

I wanted to take this time to mention and outline a few of my “Top 5” favorite books that I have read within the past 3-4 years below:

1. Uncommon: Tony Dungy’s story of success in coaching and how he relates it to everyday living

Tony Dungy

2.The Power of Broke: Damon John’s rules of success and what motivated him to get to the top of his game

Power of broke3.Living Forward: The story of how you can take control of your life

Living Forward4.The One Thing: How performing just ONE specific activity at a time can make the world of a difference in success

The one Thing5.Discover, Act, Engage: Megan Watt shares an interactive resource to help you reach your “someday” goal


These are all great books that I enjoyed and use as a resource for my own development.