DF July Member of the Month: Kaden

Congratulations to Kaden this month for becoming our member of the month! Kaden is really a great asset to Digman Fitness and makes training really fun for me and everyone who comes into the gym! Our whole philosophy at the gym is to make ‘fitness fun’ or ‘play’ and Kaden represents that really well.

Read below for an interview that I had with Kaden:

Member of the Month Interview Questions:


  1. How long have you been working out with Corey/Digman Fitness?

Roughly one year.


  1. What are some of your interests and hobbies?

Playing frisbee, football, basketball- I love watching America Ninja Warrior! Also, anything outside including hiking, biking and climbing!


  1. What are some things you enjoy about training at Digman Fitness/favorite routine?

I like training with Corey because he challenges me pushes me to work hard every day! I really like the box jumps and pull-ups!


  1. What are some of your short/long term goals? This can either be fitness related or not.

My goals are to become stronger and faster for sports and play.


  1. If you were to recommend a friend or promote Digman Fitness, how would you describe your experience to them?


I like Digman Fitness because Corey has become a good friend and coming to class is the highlight of my day!