December Member of the Month: Josh

This month’s member of the month is Josh Ratze! I want to congratulate Josh on how consistent and how hard he works each day he steps into the gym. Josh is great to work with and is always up for a new challenge each session. Josh trains 2 days a week with his family and hardly ever misses any workouts (which makes sense on how much better they are getting!)

Together, the 5 members of the Ratze family has lost over 120 pounds! Hard work pays off! We don’t stress weight loss at Digman Fitness, but instead lifestyle change and consistent positive change in total wellness. Weight loss just happens to be a great perk!

Below, I have an interview that I had with Josh recently:

“Hi, I’m Josh, I have been working out at Digman Fitness for about four months now and enjoy coming each day! I am involved with many different sports like soccer, basketball, and football. I extremely enjoy business. Including working, selling and earning money. One of my favorite things Corey does with us is how he adds competition between my family members and different members of the club. My favorite cardio activity would be the different things in the ladder and my favorite strength activity would be the Turkish getups. One of the short term goals I have is to keep a steady weight loss every week, which isn’t an easy thing. My long term goal is just to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout my life and to not go back to where I was before. If I was to introduce Digman Fitness to a friend I would brag on how good Corey, the trainer, is at bringing out your personality and how he connects that to the fitness.”