Carb Tolerance: A review from Dr. John Berardi

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats. How much do we need and how often do we need them? There are some people that struggle with eating the best foods available while others that aren’t quite up to par, seem to be able to look thin.

Dr. John Berardi, co-founder of most recently posted about how each of our bodies are different genetically and how our genetic make-up determines a lot of our tendancies.

John mentions that genetic polymorphism is to blame for the cause for many of  our variations and differences with our bodies. Our genetic code is what makes us unique and different from everyone else, even our twin! Variations so small, he explains, is like changing one word in an entire book but makes a huge impact in our metabolism!

Recently, researchers found a correlation between obesity and a person’s ability to make amylase, an enzyme that helps break down starch in our mouths. Wouldn’t you think that these levels would be similar in each person? It’s really not that easy because we all are brought up with different diets with a wide range or macro-and micro nutrients.

No one is perfect and no one is expected to have six pack abs, but the pursuit of that in my opinion should still be a major goal–strive for excellence in all you do and let your hard work pay for itself.

What can we do?

1. Continue to move! exercise along with weight training cures a lot of things!

2. Keep eating healthy sources of carbohydrates: quinoa, cous cous, buckwheat, steel cut outs, etc.

3. Eat slowly and drink more water. You will be suprised how satisfied you become if you constantly sip on unsweetened tea and water.