Army Ranger Fitness Tests

Are you Army Ranger Strong? Would you have what it takes to go up against not only the physical and mental tasks of being a ranger, but the testing and training it requires to withstand the challenges?


The Gym Test- Complete these 7 Exercises in a 90-minute session

  1. Broad Jump- Tests pure power relative to body weight. * Ranger Average- 7’8″ Ranger Record- 10’6″
  2. 5-10-5- Measures speed and agility. Spring 5 yards, touch the ground, sprint back 10 yards, touch the ground then sprint back 5 yards to finish. Ranger Average- 5.13 Ranger Record- 4.26
  3. Pull-ups. Chin over bar and full arm extension. Ranger average- 14. Ranger high- 38
  4. 3-Rep Max Deadlift- testers are aloud to use hex bar. Ranger average- 325# Ranger Record 635#
  5. Metronome Pushup- one second down, pause, one second up, pause. Ranger average- 40 Ranger record- 90
  6. 300-yard Sprint- Treadmill, track or 25 yard space. Ranger average- 68 sec. Ranger record- 57 sec.
  7. Heel Clap- Hang from pullup bar, raise your legs and heels over the bar. Ranger average- 13 Ranger high- 35 reps

The Field Test- Complete this test wearing 40-pound body armour and must complete in 40-minutes

  1. 2-mile Run- Ranger average- 18 minutes. Ranger fast- 14 minutes
  2. 20-foot Rope Climb. Ranger Average- 40 sec. Ranger fast-30 sec.
  3. 100-yard Sled Pull- load sled with 185# and pull 100 yards for best time. Ranger average- 90 sec. Ranger fast- 60 sec.
  4. 20-foot Rope Ladder.  Ranger Average- 90 sec. Ranger fast- 60 sec.
  5. 8-foot Wall Climb- Sprint, jump and pull yourself over. Ranger average- 40 sec. Ranger fast- 30 sec.
  6. 1-mile Run. Ranger average- 9 min. Ranger fast- 7 min.

Other Gym Tests…..

The Rangers routinely do bi-weekly fitness challenges:

  1. Bench Press Body Weight 30 REPS
  2. 35-pound Plate Pinch Hold (both hands) for 3 min. 26 sec.
  3. 1,000 Meter Row 3 min. 3 sec.
  4. 1-Mile on Assault Bike 1-Min. 53 Sec.
  5. Grip Crush Hold, 70# for 13 min. 9 sec.
  6. Handstand Pushups- 30 reps

Good luck and have fun!