What is holding you back?

Ask yourself this question:
What is holding you back from what you want from your fitness and wellness?
I find that once we take a few minutes to identify our roadblocks, we find that they aren’t much for road blocks at all. At times we can get worked up for nothing when during that time you could have taken action already.
Those that I have learned from at an early age have always told me to take aggressive action and learn from those successes or failures.
As descriptive as possible, write down your goals, seek out the help/supplies you need and follow through. If it sounds that simple, it really is! Take action in small steps by creating deadlines. These deadlines are the little things that help you accomplish the bigger steps.

Ex: I want to lose 20 pounds in 6 months.
The big picture is eating healthier and exercising…simple right?
Everything needs to have steps. I need to have a healthy breakfast so that I have energy to perform well at work…I need to have snacks so that I can control my blood sugar…I need a great lunch so that my afternoon workout is up to par…etc. You plan your meals ahead on a designated time/day of the week (I choose Sunday afternoon) just like a lunch program at school. Write ideas down on paper and place them in areas where you see them often enough to remind you. Once you figure out that this is easier than you previously thought, your mind is much more clear with every other choice you make.

If you perform these ACTIONS as regularly as brushing your teeth, they will become habits.
Before you know it, those habits you thought were impossible become an everyday occurance for you.