Fitness Training To Help Restore Your Body And Revitalize Your Life.

Week 2: Building


Quick Notes

  • Start laying the foundation for success
  • 3 simple movements covered
  • Organize your daily planner

Action Items

1. Corrective Exercise: Upper Back

  • PDF below that goes through all exercises. print off and practice. check off list each day
  • Minimal- at least 30 minutes brisk walk daily. More advanced- 3x moderate intense aerobics ALONG with corrective exercises
  • Incorporate each of these exercises daily

2. Workouts & Challenges

  • Basic Strength Exercises shown with corresponding corrective exercises
  • Practice ALL corrective exercises during and after strength exercises
  • If there is pain or tightness during any, refer to stretches as you continue to move (walk/march)
  • Must complete these exercises at least 2x/week to pass