Fitness Training To Help Restore Your Body And Revitalize Your Life.

Week 3: Developing Habits


Quick Notes

  • How to oprganize your corrective exercises
  • Small changes to your nutrition
  • Putting together exercises and importance of progression

Action Items

1. Goal Setting: Week Game Plan

  • Plan out your week for success to save time and energy
  • What things can you be doing to save time?

2. Nutrition: Lunch Prep

  • What to do after the initial assessment of goals and food log
  • How to make small changes
  • Progress to consistency

3. Workout & Weekly Challenge

  • Workouts for the week
  • Corresponding corrective exercises
  • Importance of certain exercises and technique
  • perform 1-3 times this week
  • Keep track of Heart Rate (take pulse for 6 secondsx10) keep up above 150-180 beats per minute