Fitness Training To Help Restore Your Body And Revitalize Your Life.

Week 1: Let's Get Started!


Quick Notes

  • Welcome! Let's get to work!
  • Perform each of the action items in the videos below. start with video #1, practice exercises then do video #2, etc.
  • Take notes and stay focused

Action Items

1. Creating a Winning Mindset

  • How can we set ourselves up for success in our health & wellness?
  • Use the Power Goal Sheet to achieve success!
  • Plan for the future and follow through
  • Create a winning team! (who do you surround yourself with?)

2. Corrective Exercise Importance (Shoulders)

  • Each week we will focus on an area of your body to improve for injury prevention (wk 1-shoulders)
  • minimize doctor visits
  • improve movement patterns
  • Increase energy and mental focus!
  • Next week we cover upper back exercises and injury prevention techniques

3. Monthly Challenges & Week 1 Workout

  • Monthly building blocks to keep you accountable and motivated!
  • Fun and exciting challenges for your competitive spirit!
  • Exercises to prevent injury, keep you strong and improve fitness!
  • Find Max Heart Rate (208-.70 x age)= max heart rate. work at 75-90% + 3 days/ week at least for 30 minutes
  • Brisk walk/moderate activity at 60-70% max heart rate for 2-3 days per week for at least 30 minutes

Use PDF below Video #2

4. Nutriton- Week 1

  • Small changes for big success!
  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Take notes and plan ahead your meal plan
  • Total calories= body weightx10 (a good rule of thumb to stay healthy)