Fitness Training To Help Restore Your Body And Revitalize Your Life.

Week 4: Developing Lasting Change


Quick Notes

  • How to put a routine together for success and stick with it
  • Small changes to nutritional profile for success
  • Perform exercise videos in order from video 1-3

Action Items

1. Corrective Exercise: Ankles

  • Be able to move and squat properly with great ankle mobility
  • 2-3 main exercises
  • perform 2-3 times daily for best results

2. Nutrition: Putting it all together

  • Making small changes to plan while shopping
  • one small change per week
  • take good notes on your goals

3. Workouts & Challenges

  • Corrective exercises corresponding to specific strength exercises
  • Feel free to pause video after each exericse to allow completion and demonstration
  • Perform corrective stretches and exercises 1-3 times this week
  • Heart Rate above 150-180 beats per minute while working out (take pulse for 6 seconds x 10 = HR)