Fitness Training To Help Restore Your Body And Revitalize Your Life.

Week 5: Commitment


Quick Notes

  • More on exercise technique foundation (important)
  • Nutrition on the go
  • Functional exercise on the go

Action Items

1. Corrective Exercise Technique Foundation

  • Corrective exercises based on your specific needs
  • Foam Rolling and Mobility
  • Perform daily

2. Nutrition: On The GO

  • How to meal prep on a busy schedule
  • What to pack for "On the Go"
  • How to create lasting habits

3. Workouts: On The GO

  • How to organize routine for a busy lifestyle
  • Minimal equipment necessary
  • 2-3 sets of at least 10 reps each exercise or :30 each.
  • See attached PDF with this video with all exercises for this week