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Increase Thoracic Mobility



  • Welcome to the upper back page!
  • Utilize the tools below in order to get your body where you want it to be
  • These tools are great resources for both injury prevention and post-rehab for all levels

Self Assessment

  • Use this assessment tool throughout your whole training regiment
  • This is a great tool to evaluate and re-evaluate where you are and how you are getting better
  • Utilize a prop or a friend to document test for future viewing

Tissue Release/Foam Roll

1. Foam Roll: Upper Body/Thoracic Cage

  • Provide consistent pressure on highlighted areas
  • Use before and after exercise for injury prevention
  • Spend more time on those areas of most concern
  • Small and deliberate pressure
  • 3-5 minutes before and after a routine

2. Mobility: Thoracic Extensions

  • Lie on back and place foam roll directly underneath shoulder blades
  • Keep knees bent and butt in contact with floor throughout exercise
  • Keep hands on ears and close elbows off
  • Exhale and open up slowly
  • Perform in slow repetitions or hold before and after routine for 1:00

3. Mobility: Side-Lying Windmill

  • Lie on side and place foam roll under top knee at 90 degree flexion
  • Reach for bottom hand and open up slowly as you exhale
  • This can easily be done without a foam roll by placing bottom knee under top
  • Perform 5 repetitons before routine

Core Activation/Pre-hab

1. Prone Plank

  • Begin by supporting your weight on your elbows and knees then raise knees off ground
  • Keep shoulder blades in tight/locked position
  • This can also be done off of a bench, bed or higher object for modification
  • Perform 1 set of :30 before routine