Try Something New

” Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

Take time each day to face a new challenge. Challenges can come in small forms or big ventures that take time to conquer, but there are ways at which you can micromanage each day to achieve those goals.

I have a few examples below that shows the hierarchy of how daily habits impact your future:

  1. Positive thoughts of creating your physical (this can be the hardest part to control because a majority of what happens to us is a result of our reactions)
  2. Positive words create the NOW and help turn your thoughts into action.  This is only successful if your thoughts are pure and supportive.
  3. Positive motion/daily physical habits are a reflection of your words which are a reflection of your thoughts. i.e. body language. This can be the easiest part ONLY if your thoughts are in sync.

You can use this technique by aligning your day starting with meditation and thoughts of how you want your day to go. 

Example- I want to become a healthier individual and lose 20 pounds

  1. Align your thoughts- I am enjoying the moment and need to supply my brain with good foods and positive energy.
  2. Align your words- ” I am going to become a healthier individual by meal planning and actvity planning my day/week/month”. At this stage, you will need to share with others to create healthy accountability partners.
  3. Align your actions- Take the steps each day by aligning your life in the direction of change

I find that I often refer back to my mental to figure out what I really want and what needs to be worked on for improvement. After I have the proper alignment of what I want then I decide what I have to do each day.