Trouble Squating?

The Squat can be a very rewarding exercise because of it’s huge health and metabolism benefits, but a very challenging one as well if you don’t have the patience. The time spent on performing the squat can be done daily through a few simple moves that I highlight below:


  • Hip Mobility– How mobile are your hips in order to perform a good squat? I look at the area around the hip as a foundation for a good depth: Hamstring flexibility, groin/adductors and quads.

Three Favorite Exercises:

A. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch (standing also)- 2-3 sets of 1-2 minutes ea. leg per day

B. Groiners/Froggers (seated or on your back with your feet up on wall)- 2-3 sets of 1-2 minutes per day

C. Foam Roll Hip Area (hamstrings, groin, quads, TFL/hip flexor)

  • Ankle Mobility– Movement of your ankles are a must in order to walk with a normal gate and get into an optimal position while squatting.

Two Favorite Exercises:

A. Standing Calf Stretch- 2-3 sets of :30-1:00 minutes ea. leg per day

B. Foam Roll Calves- 2-3 sets of 1-2 minutes per day

  • Thoracic Mobility– This is the last place you may think as far as a good squat, but if you are normally squatting with a barbell on your back, then this can be an advantage while preventing lower back pain and keeping great form.

Two Favorite Exercises:

A. Foam Roll Thoracic Extensions w/ Reach (grab Kettlebell or weight overhead close to floor)- 2-3 sets of :30-1:00 minutes per day

B. Foam Roll Lats/Upper Back- 2-3 sets of 1-2 minutes per day