Fitness Training To Help Restore Your Body And Revitalize Your Life.

Take Home Exercises

Tissue Release/Foam Roll

Foam Roll: Upper Body

  • Provide consistent pressure on highlighted areas
  • Use before and after exercise for injury prevention
  • Spend more time on those areas of most concern
  • Small and deliberate pressure
  • 3-5 minutes before and after a routine

Mobility Exercises

Mobility: Side-Lying Windmill

  • Perform 1 set of 5 reps on each side before routine and on non-training days
  • Lie on side with hip flexion at 90 degrees
  • Use Foam Roll to maintain proper position throughout
  • Exhale and follow hand with eyes as you scan over your body
  • Hold arms in opened up position for 1 count before returning to start position

Mobility: Thoracic Extensions

  • Perform 1 set of :30 hold before routine and on non-training days
  • Great for thoracic mobility and posture
  • Keep foam roll just under shoulder blades and open up
  • Keep glutes on floor and knees bent
  • Hold hands on ears and close elbows