Grand Opening: Digman Fitness

Training with Digman Fitness with provide you a new avenue for growth and development. Whether it be for general health, post-rehabilitation or sport conditioning, I can make our training a great experience!


My Open House at Blackbelt America gym on February 22nd from 12-3pm will give you a great idea of the ‘why’ you are going to have fun training with me providing 15-minute mini workouts every hour. There will be healthy appetizers also. Those individuals that show up for the open house receive the following week’s training for only $7! That’s unlimited training for the price of Starbuck’s Coffee!

Below are a few exciting things to note while training at Digman Fitness:


* Great hands-on approach to training focusing on weaknesses of the body (each exercise routine will incorporate the core in one way or another)

* Opportunities to work semi-private (up to two people) or small group (up to 6 people at a time)

* A thorough and balanced routine from proper warm-up, challenging circuits and awesome stretching to finish each day

* Dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, sandbags, bungees, etc. for functional training

* Music to your liking (I-pod friendly)

* Great mat flooring that covers the entire gym (great for low impact training)

* Monthly/weekly challenges depending on the group or individual (this is a great way to improve and challenge others)

* Family-friendly atmosphere where everybody helps each other achieve great results!


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