Shoulders: Optimal Function

Every part of our body plays an important part of the total picture of optimal function and mobility. Our ankles, hips, upper back, shoulders and neck have to provide great movement in order to move and workout properly. Working out with increasingly challenging movements are necessary for a healthy body so making sure that your body is at its prime.

Let’s focus on the shoulders as our focus on the following tests:

  1. OH Reach Test
  2. Wall External Rotation Mobility
  3. Shoulder Impingement Test

Each of these tests make sure that we are good to go for normal strength and conditioning. If these movements are tested out as “optimal” then we continue with all of the corrective exercises as a preventative tool in a maintenance phase.

Every part of our shoulders need to be at optimal function to remain injury free. Just like athletes need strong and mobile shoulders to keep up with the demands of their given sport, everyone else needs optimal function for their given ‘sport of life’. Read below on a few things that need to be taken in consideration:

  1. All heads of the shoulder (front, side and rear) need to be balanced and strong. This means training each area equally so that we are able to manipulate objects. This is very important!
  2. There needs to be optimal MOBILITY in every range of motion (flexion, extension, internal and external rotation) and PAIN FREE
  3. Rotator cuff muscles must be strong. You never know when you will get yourself in a poor position reaching or carrying objects. we need to be ready!

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