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Increase Shoulder Mobility



  • The exercises shown below are a collection of movements that will decrease dysfunction
  • Perform corrective exercises throughout training process regardless of dysfunction
  • Spend more time on areas of greater concern
  • Perform several times weekly

Self Assessment

  • Use this test several times throughout your training to track progress
  • This is important to find out where you need to start and which areas are of most concern
  • Have a friend or tripod capture your assessment

Tissue Release/Foam Roll

1. Foam Roll: Upper Body (Thoracic, lats, posterior shoulder, pecs)

  • Provide consistent and deliberate pressure on highlighted areas
  • Use before and after exercise for injury prevention and muscle adhesion release
  • Spend more time on those areas of most tight
  • Perform daily
  • 3-5 minutes before and after a routine

2. Tissue Release: Lats

  • Lie on soft medicine ball or foam roll and slowly pulse area
  • Start at base or top and work your way up/down
  • Small and deliberate pressure
  • Perform before and after routine and 2x daily depending on tightness for :30-1:00

3. Tissue Release: Pecs

  • Lie prone on a soft medicine ball or foam roll at area of inner most chest (just under clavicle)
  • work your way out slowly several times
  • This can be done before and after routine depending on severity
  • Perform :30-1:00 on each side and 2x daily

4. Tissue Release-Posterior Shoulder (rear delt, infraspinatus and teres minor)

  • Lie on a tennis ball or foam roll positioning on rear point of shoulder
  • Slow, deliberate pulses throughout area that is most tender/tight
  • follow line of muscle that runs behind shoulder
  • Perform :30-1:00 on each side before/after routine and 2x daily


1. Mobility: Posterior Capsule+Anterior Shoulder Stretch

  • Begin with stick or strap overhead with one arm and grab bottom with opposite
  • Pull down with bottom arm stretching lat, tricep and posterior shoulder
  • Pull up after equal amount of time with top hand stretching front delt
  • Perform 1 set of :30-1:00 before/after routine and 2x daily

2. Mobility: Shoulder External Rotator Stretch (baseball throw)

  • Begin by taking stick in a "throwing" position dropping it down along the line of your forearm
  • Use other arm by grabbing bottom of stick in front and slowly externally stretch arm
  • Keep stretched elbow at 90 degrees
  • 1 set of :30-1:00 before/after routine and 2x daily

3. Mobility: Shoulder Sleeper Stretch (Internal Rotation)

  • Begin by lying on your side with bottom hand in 90 degree bent position from your body and elbow at 90
  • Take your opposite hand and slowly apply downward pressure on bottom hand
  • Apply even and slow pressure without 'jerking' or forcing
  • 1 set of :30-1:00 before/after routine and 2x daily

3. Mobility: Overhead Pec Stretch

  • Take long stick overhead horizontal and stretch pecs with arms straight
  • Ease in and out of the stretch when needed but keep arms straight
  • Apply even and slow pressure without 'jerking' or forcing