Shoulder Considerations: What to do to prevent injury

The shoulder can be a a trouble area for individuals of all ages and abilities. What can we do to help prevent injury and find issues before they get worse? Below are a few simple self-tests that we can do to make sure we stay on track for our given activities of life:


* Throughout the month I will be highlighting a few shoulder tests and corrective exercises that can be done to prevent pain and increase function


Week 1: A self test and stretches that can be done to prevent against impingement and rotator cuff tear.

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* Perform the test and practice these exercises before we move on to our second set of exercises below


Week 2: Refering to the same self-test in video one, perform the following stretch and release technique in conjunction with the other stretches above

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* Practice these at least once/week to prevent against impingement syndrome


Week 3: This week will cover great activation/strength exercises for the Lat/Upper Back that can be great in addition to keeping your shoulder in safer positions.

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Week 4: The final week covers rotator cuff strength exercises that help in conjunction to the other activation, stretching and release techniques.

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*Again, practice each of these techniques daily to prevent against injury and to keep you in top shape!