Regeneration Program

Welcome to Regeneration! I want to take this time to mention what great benefits this program has to offer! Not only is Regeneration provide excellent support and accountability, this program is great for business professionals on-site who are looking to improve their work capacity, decrease work-related injuries and decrease sickness. Our Regeneration program provides support through corrective exercises related to the individual and their work environment, nutritional support and monthly challenges for habit change!

Read below on how your business can get started today and the topics covered:

  1. Corrective Exercise Self-Assessment- Utilizing a few tools at your disposal on how to find out YOUR specific corrective exercise is going to be an X-factor at keeping you healthy.
  2. Habit Change- How can we incorporate new habits and get rid of the old for long-lasting health? How can we incorporate 3-5 moves that take as little as 5 minutes per day?
  3. Nutrition- Incorporating nutrition and functional movement hand-in-hand is key to your longevity
  4. Functional Core Strength- Let me help you incorporate a series of 3-6 moves that correlate with each other to prevent injury at the workplace, at home or at the gym.

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Overall, the Regeneration program helps individuals and companies with their ‘Action Cards’ and their specific needs that are associated with remaining/becoming healthy for the future!

Action Cards are a series of exercises that are developed from the Movement Assessment (ankles, knees, lower back/hips, upper back and shoulders)


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