Rating the Grains

Grains can be an integral part our our functioning not only for exercise and sport, but for normal brain function. Without proper brain function we can easily fatigue and not perform well for our daily functions. It also can be a great tool at preventing most diseases and cancer.

Below is a rating scale of most to least healthy of the grains:

1. Quinoa- This is a great choice because of its fiber content as well as magnesium, zinc, copper and iron levels. Cooks easy (similar to rice on the stove boiled) and can be a great additive to proteins and greens

2. Amaranth

3. Buckwheat groats- Similar to quinoa, a great choice for high levels of nutrients. This is also cooked very easy (boil in water over stove) and can be added to any meal.

4. Spinach Spaghetti

5. Barley

6. Wild Rice

7. Millet

8. Brown Rice

9. Wheat berries

10. Rolled Oats

*Most of these choices have great sources of fiber, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron *You will be ensured great health and weight loss if you consume these as your staple carbohydrate in addition to fruits and vegetables as you become more active.Weigh your options wisely by cutting down on flour-based carbohydrates because long term consumption has been shown to lead on many health risks.

*Most breads and processed carbohydrates are infused with high fructose corn syrup or others in order to aid in shelf life, but this is where we go wrong and slowly diminish our weight loss and health goals.