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Meet Tim Strandlie of the Stoughton Syttende Mai Strongman – Viking Games

With just weeks away from the big contest that our Everyday Strongmen (and women) have been training for, we wanted to get in touch with the organizer of the Stoughton Viking Games to learn more about how the contest came about and what the contestants and spectators can expect from this challenging competition.

Tim Strandlie

shares with us how he became interested in strongman games and how that passion eventually lead to him reaching out to the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce and creating the Viking Games. He also fills us in on how the contests are chosen and why he loves encouraging others to compete, but refrains from doing so himself.

Overall, these games bring about a sense of community, are always a highlight of the Syttende Mai Festival and seem to keep growing year over year. This year the Festival runs May 19th through the 21st, with the games taking place in the afternoon on Saturday, May 20th, 2017. To learn more about Syttende Mai and the Viking games, you can follow the link over to the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce page or to register for the games head over to their official Facebook page.



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