Everyday Strongman: Setting Goals for Entering a Strongman Competition

In this episode of the podcast we focus on the value of setting goals and how those goals can be the motivator of our successes. We chat with member, Shane Cicero, who is currently training to compete in a strongman competition that is taking place in May of this year.

Shane shares with us why he became interested in competing in the strongman contest along with discussing how just by choosing to compete has changed his outlook on fitness and training in preparation for the contest.  We also dive in to learn more about the goals Shane is looking to set for the competition and we discuss a plan to continue working and developing those benchmarks so that he is successful during the competition.

In the podcast I also share my beliefs on setting goals and the strategy I use everyday to help me work towards my goals and Shane also demonstrates the tire flip and atlas stone while I explain the value and proper technique of these exercises.


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