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3 – Digman Fitness Podcast Member of The Month: Julia Schneider


I want to welcome you to our highly anticipated August podcast featuring our member of the month, an exercise tip and some nutrition take aways. Read on below…

Member of the Month: Julia Schneider

Below is an interview I had with Julia:Julia Schneider at Digman Fitness

1) How long have you been working out at Digman Fitness?

I have been working out with Digman Fitness for about 3 months

2) What are some activities that you enjoy?

I enjoy martial arts, reading and board game nights.

3) What are some of your favorite things that you enjoy about training at Digman Fitness?

I very much like the variability in each workout. I also find it a very enjoyable atmosphere to be in both from Corey and from all the other members.

4) Do you have any long/short term goals?

Oh goals is a good one. I have a few. I generally try to make most my goals for a year time frame. 1- Save approximately 30% of my take home. 2- Continue to build credit. Both of these goals are important for me since they are leading me to one day buying a house and I’m still young and such. 3- Figure out a way to maintain a 140-150lbs weight. This one has been difficult for me and I’ve tried things that get me there but are not really things that I would like to stay that way (such as strict dieting). I’m still working on it and my time at Digman Fitness is a step for the right direction.

5) If you were to talk about Digman Fitness with friends, how would you describe your experience?

In general, it’s awesome. The atmosphere and the training is all really great and keeps you engaged. I also like how Corey runs his business. He really does care about the members as people and not like they are just a paycheck. In fact if you miss a bunch of classes he’ll get in touch and ask what is up. I find that really spectacular.

Fitness Tip of the Month: Organization of routine and the “WHY” of exercises

Organizing a routine is of an art for me when I lead a group class. I think of training as importantly as I do nutrition with each component helping the other. As much of an importance that is put on proteins, carbohydrates, and fats I put the same importance on each of the phases of exercise:

Tissue Release/Foam Rolling

This part of the workout releases any lactic acid, soreness and tightness in any muscle bellies before a routine.

Mobility/Corrective movement

Each of these exercises are the most important component to keeping you moving better and improving range of motion. Think Injury Prevention/Pre-Habilitation.

Heart Rate/Dynamic Stretching

Prime the pump at the level necessary for improved performance, weight loss and function.


Think of this as the meat and potatoes/bulk of the routine where the work gets done and the after-burn effect starts. This is either a cardiovascular routine or strength & Conditioning circuit.


After the routine is completed, it is necessary to drop the level of heart rate so that no cardiovascular injuries occur and corrective stretches  can be applied again.


Healthy Nutrition Tip: Positive mindset after Pitfalls

I want to name a few important points that leaders have taught me and what I try to remind myself about pitfalls:

  1. Have a goal
  2. Start backwards from that goal by setting micro goals each month, week and day
  3. Set a timer for you to accomplish those goals and remain super focused on that task
  4. Ignore the past
  5. You have two choices…You either give up (and not accomplish goal) or you keep moving.

These things really stick with me as I continue to make myself better and help others. I want to challenge you to concentrate on the little things each day by setting check points for yourself. Have fun and good luck!

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