Planning Ahead: $5 Breakfast….for the whole week!

Breakfast can be a difficult thing to figure out especially under a budget, but there are ways to keep the cost low while preventing unplanned purchases.

Below are options while considering your nutrition that cannot be overlooked to start the day strong:

Am I getting enough protein? (egg, greek yogurt, seends, etc.)

– Are there smart carbohydrates in my breakfast to take me through the morning or through a workout? (Low glycemic index, high nutrient, high fiber)

– Am I beginning my day with plenty vitamins and minerals?

– Am I beginning my day with proper hydration?

Planning ahead with your meals can both save you time and money. The breakfast below is what I personally rotate through on a weekly basis during my Sunday cooking adventures:

1.Egg bake, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs or poached eggs (each has some combination of veggies with them)

2. Water with lemons/limes or Sport Tea (12-16 oz)

3. Old Fashioned Oats or Steel Cut oats with honey, protein powder (great way to add a chocolate flavor!) and chopped walnuts or almonds

4. A few cut up strawberries, orange, cucumbers or apple depending on my demands for the day or workout (I generally add a few more calories from carbohydrates like these if I have a good workout planned

5. Spoon full of some sort of fat (coconut oil, flax or Omega 3) if I am not having nuts with breakfast.


* The total price per person, depending on the amount of food is just $5 a week! I easily stay around $1/meal throughout the week depending on where I buy my food.