Open House/Regeneration Clinic

Everyday is a great day to get better, learn more and move more! I want to invite all who are willing to learn a little bit about Digman Fitness on Saturday, October 18th at 8 am!

6729 Seybold Road Madison, Wi

*RSVP to Corey Digman at or 608-732-0306. Limited spots are available (limit to 20)

Areas of emphasis:

1. Foam Rolling and Tissue Release: This is a great tool to help releive and adhesions in our muscle bellies and help promote blood flow to surrounding tissue for proper movement

2. Mobility/Movement Prep: Our joints need proper movement and function so that they are primed for the specific health-enhancing activity. I will demonstrate all levels of ability and specific movements that can help you improve function/injury prevention.

3. Core Activation/Heart Rate/Nervous System Activation: This is an important step in the process of becoming closer to our routine tempo. Hips, glutes, abdominals, posterior chain, etc. needs to be primed and sparked for the exercise.

4. Bootcamp! We will set aside stations of different exercises which include, but are not limited to: light jumps, shuffles, core power moves, light agility, kettlebell movements, battle ropes, medicine balls and fun sport/reaction drills!

* A sample healthy snack will be provided at the end as well as workout tips

See you all soon!