Open House/Injury Prevention Clinic

Are you an individual who struggles with mild knee, shoulder or lower back pain but haven’t yet taken the steps to find what small steps that can be taken to solve the issue? Are there things that you can start implementing into your routine today that makes sure you don’t over train or get yourself injured?

Stop out to Digman Fitness this Saturday, February 14th at 8 am (yes, Valentine’s Day) for our monthly open house which talks about ways for you to start working out smarter by preventing injuries. What better way than to kick off the weekend with your loved one by participating in various healthy movements for long term health! There is no charge for this event. 

This weekend will give you a great idea of what we do and how we help people improve their physical self everyday. Digman Fitness focuses a lot of attention towards injury prevention techniques surrounding the ankle, knee, hips, back and shoulders for all ages and levels. 

Through a few simple assessment exercises, I am able to find areas throughout an individual’s body that needs most attention. What if I were to say where a particular area in your body was tight or weak that lead to low back pain, knee pain or shoulder stiffness? Some of these areas can be fairly quick fixes with simple exercises and movements incorporated daily.

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Digman Fitness is conveniently located just of the Gammon Road exit on 6729 Seybold Road next to Dance Life.

No charge for this event. Bring your friends.

Call 608-732-0306 to RSVP