October Challenges @ DF!

Welcome to October and welcome to fun, new and exciting challenges! Each month offers a little bit different approach to our challenges and pushes the limit to what we think we can do! Read below for details:


  1. Activity ChallengeRead the works of something inspirational and motivating! This could be a quote of the day/week much like to have at the gym, an inspirational book, a movie or even setting high goals for yourself this month! What can you do today so that tomorrow is an improvement for you? What can be done to set the tone and to make a difference for you in the future?

  • My goal- learn how to rock climb so that I am able to rock climb in the Rockies!
  • What did I do? I signed up for a membership at a rock climbing gym as a stepping stone…this is one example of my day to day push towards making things uncomfortable for myself.

2. Finisher Challenge– Each month at the gym we challenge ourselves with a new finisher at the end of each workout which lasts between :30-5:00 in length.

  • This month’s challenge is RUSSIAN TWISTS for :30!


Good luck and have fun setting new boundaries for yourself!