October Book Review #1: Uncommon by Tony Dungy


One of October’s challenges was to read the works of someone great that you look up to or that you find significant in your improvement everyday. This week, I chose the book, Uncommon by Tony Dungy. This book is an autobiography of Tony Dungy (ex-NFL coach turned broadcaster) and how he uses “Uncommon” leadership to guide him through his important decisions throughout his career and life. Those uncommon skills that he practices are those that he valued as a coach and as a father to help himself and others deal with both struggles and success.

Tony uses a step-by-step approach to problem solving with the help of his community (friends, teammates, family,co-workers) bonding together with good ethics, character and values. Each chapter begins with a different theme on how to get better:


Honesty and Integrity

Humility and Stewardship


How to Treat a Woman


Respect Authority


Taking Counsil

The Power of Postitive Influence


Tony Dungy is not only a coach but a great leader for all to admire. This is a great book for those looking for that “1% better everyday” mantra and constant direction in their lives no matter what you do.

Have a great rest of the week!