New Year, Healthy Body Jumpstart Program!

The holidays can be a fun time of year spent traveling and visiting with friends and family. Specifically, the new year brings a “START OVER FRESH” attitude with new ideas and adventure! What are some things you are doing RIGHT NOW for your long-term health? What if I told you that I have an exciting way for you to find out exactly what needs to be done with YOUR body in less than 5 minutes a day?! With 5 minutes a day you can get your body moving, jump-start your energy levels and complete a simple mobility routine to help prevent injury!

January Functional & Corrective Exercise Challenge!

Read on below for details:

I. I teach you basic functional movements that enhance your daily routine

  • Total body movements along with our corrective exercise to charge your day!

II. Corrective Exercise to prevent stiffness, pain and injury

Week 1- Shoulder Health and Corrective Exercise

Week 2- Upper Back/Thoracic Corrective Exericse (think posture)

Week 3- Hips/Pelvis Corrective Exercise (think lower back pain prevention)

Week 4- Ankle Corrective Exercise (Think heel and foot pain prevention)

III. Get rewarded for your participation!

  • Log and post a pic or video on Digman Fitness Facebook Page to be entered into a drawing for a cool prize! Your name has the chance to be entered in the drawing more than once! (each time you post a picture or video it gets entered). I will draw a winner at the end of January!

This fun challenge for the month of January is just a sneak peak of how I help individuals with my Regeneration Program online! For more details, contact me for information. This can be great for all ages/abilities. Also, great for companies wanting to improve their wellness program!