My Meal Prep

Meal prepping is an important time spent for me that is taken as seriously as my training. I find it very important to hit the necessary components of a great nutrition plan so that I can stay on the top of my game.

I have highlighted 3 easy steps below to help make your experience easier below:


  1. Start with a plan

Every successful body consumes healthy nutrients. Write those foods down that contain great nutrients. Once you log your information and take notes, the hardest part is over. All you have to do now is follow through.

ex: Green peppers are a great source of vitamin C which keeps our immune system healthy from stress. Eat them raw.

Below shows a snapshot of my average breakfast. I like to eat 3-4 over easy/over hard eggs with as much raw veggies to start the the day as possible. On occasion I will add an avocado and salsa to the eggs


2. Eat based on fueling the body in accordance of activity. Below shows what I packed for lunches this week. I alternate my protein with beef, steak, fish (cod, swai, or salmon) or pork then pair them with a raw veggie (I alternate green beans, Brussels, asparagus, kale/spinach) and then a carbohydrate (sweet potatoes or quinoa). If my day is a little more active with training then I will add a little more sweet potato, but other than that I try to pack my healthy fats (nuts and avocado) with as many veggies as possible.  My dinner will consist of the same variation. Load the veggies, pick the protein and add a healthy nutrient-dense carbohydrate


Greek yogurt is a good staple for me when I need good protein as a snack throughout the day. I may dip some raw veggies in the yogurt to help get more nutrients and fullness.


3. Save the fruit for post-workout. I generally try to eat blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries at or around workout times to help with recovery, replace damaged cells and keep the blood sugar in check. I tend to save the other fruits for dessert or parties.

Other post-workout favorites…

  • Greek Yogurt and berries
  • Protein Powder with berries
  • Chocolate Milk (depending on intensity to replace sugar lost)
  • Apple w/ All-Natural Almond Butter


Have fun and good luck! Keep it simple and eat raw. Cut out on your food bill by keeping notes and setting boundaries with what you need. Plan for pitfalls. If you are heading out with friends to snack on sandwiches, beer or pizza, clean up your diet a bit the week before to prep.

When you have a plan in place as much as your workout plan, you will never go wrong. If results don’t happen, don’t give up. Take aggressive action.