Member of Month: Sam

Digman Fitness wants to recognize Sam Katz as our newest member of the month! Sam and Digman Fitness have been working together for several years now and it has been a fun experience for both of us! Sam comes from a computer background and has a fast knowledge in the area of website and SEO. Sam continues to show great progress and I look forward to helping him succeed!

Read on for an interview that I had with Sam:

Member of the Month (May) Interview Questions:

1. How long have you been working out with Corey/Digman Fitness?

Since 2012

2. What are some of your interests and hobbies?

I like to read science fiction/fantasy, go to book stores and attend plays.

3. What are some things you enjoy about training at Digman Fitness/favorite routine?

I like Corey’s personal attention and the fact that he is extremely reachable when I have questions. These are things that big box gyms don’t necessarily offer. He also has a clear guideline of what to expect and the outcomes of training.

4. What are some of your short/long term goals? This can either be fitness related or not.

I want to be able to ride a bike again like I did when I was younger. I exercise because I feel better and I have more clarity with things (more in synch).

5. If you were to recommend a friend or promote Digman Fitness, how would you describe your experience to them?


I would describe it as a great place to figure out the missing pieces of your fitness or life. He makes things fun and challenging at the same time.