Meal Make Over Challenge

” Researchers for some time have known that the result of all degenerative conditions, including brain disorders, is inflamation.” -Grain Brain

The old saying ‘We are what we eat’ is simple but very powerful in that we can control and prevent a lot of our circumstances with good eating habits, exercise and a positive environment. I have recently been reading the book, Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter. In this book he describes not only the foods that are killing us but what we can do to prevent against future disease and inflamation!

Dr. Perlmutter states that the inflamatory process that’s involved with the degeneration of an arthritic knee or your coronary arteries, for example is the same one that leads to the deterioration of the human brain. Instead of reaching for the anti-inflamatory drugs, he states, set yourself and your environment up with anti-inflamatory foods, activities and thoughts.

A great example would be to set aside time each weekend to plan out your week ahead. Provide yourself with a superfood shopping list, gather all the healthiest and freshest ingredients then go to town with your meals for the week. These steps are a great way to keep yourself on track at becoming injury/illness-free! Practice and hone in on your action skills each week so it becomes habit.

I want to challenge my clients to document each step of their process each week so that we can find those strong and weak points. With the tools and steps that we provide at Digman Fitness, you will be on your way to a healthier you!

Here are your action steps:

1. Identify what your current situation is and how you are feeling. Are you getting better everyday? Are there positive influences in your life?

2. After identifying your current situation, eliminate the negetives (poor food choices, habits, hobbies, etc.) and replace them with alternatives.

ex: I love ice cream so instead I provide myself with a close alternative that includes healthy food choices.

3. Plan. Prep. Follow Through. Repeat.


Those interested in the Digman Fitness Meal Make-Over Challenge can email me and we can get started. Prizes and reimbursments are rewarded. Those that are not involved with Digman Fitness, no worries because you can still be coached through the steps without physically being present.


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