May Member of Month: JoAnn

Jo Ann joined Digman Fitness in the fall of 2011 with aspirations of better overall health and weight loss. Her goals, aspirations and life activities were very strongly met as she recently lost over 16 inches and 30# of weight! She has been a join to train and brings a great attitude to sessions at Digman Fitness! Congrats Jo Ann!

Below is an interview with Jo Ann:

1. How long have you been working out with Corey/Digman Fitness?

I have been working with Corey/Digman Fitness since at least August of 2011.

2. What are some of your interests and hobbies?

Some of my hobbies are photography, art, music, running, re-decorating/finishing our house, coffee shops, eating out, movies and hanging out with my best friend Kermit.

3. What are some things you enjoy about training at Digman Fitness/favorite routine?

Some of the things I enjoy are the friends I have made. I enjoy all of us working out together. It’s not as painful this way.

4. What are some of your short/long term goals? This can either be fitness related or not.

Short- Reaching my weight loss goal between 50-60 pounds, enjoying every free minute of the summer by planning my time off and participating in an organized run at least every other weekend.

Long Term- Keeping the weight off, Traveling (Hawaii & Paris), finishing my bachelor’s degree in nursing, live a long & healthy life (I want to live to be 100), play the piano very well.

5. If you were to recommend a friend or promote Digman Fitness, how would you describe your experience to them?


I would say the experience is well worth the time and the exercises/challenges are a fun way to compete against one’s self.