Do I Make Enough Time?

We all have priorities in life that fit our agenda of how we want to live: Family, Career, Personal and Recreation. There are several sub-categories, but the main focus is generally in these areas. How can we take full advantage of the priorities that matter most to help us get better? What areas do we need improvement or goals we need help with completing?

I like to set aside time each day to complete each of these areas of my life. This way, I can really dive in and stay in the moment during that particular time. For example, If I am at home during family time, I like to listen and BE in the moment without taking anything away from the experience. The same idea goes for when I am in my business, I like to be as focused and listen as much as I can to help people lead healthy lives. This can be an exciting challenge, because everyone is different and every single day is different bringing new opportunities.


Five Categories (what time during each day/week/year do you make time for these?):

  1. Family/Friends- Your backbone to your life and your support for everything else
  2. Career– What things do I need to do to make an impact and help others?
  3. Leisure/Fun- How can each week be FUN and recharging? Why not make life fun and really do what you want to do? If you can’t do it everyday, make sure to set aside at least 1 day/week.
  4. Goal-Setting- Weekly- set aside time to brainstorm your next week or month. This is crucial to see your budget, travel, accommodations with friends/family, etc. This is the fun part! You can visualize your ideal life and make it happen! Spend only the time necessary on what you really want to do and forget the rest.
  5. Health/Wellness– Exercise, Meal Prepping, Workshops. If you want to be healthy and enjoy life then you need to make time for this! 5-15 minutes per day on exercise at minimum and 2 hours per week on meal prep and groceries

I am not saying that we need to designate every hour of everyday doing something according to your goals, but have a few things in your scope that you look towards everyday. Not everyone is going to respond well to having check lists because it can add more clutter and stress. What we can do is continue to have that far-reaching goal written down along side a few action steps that need to be taken daily. This way you don’t have to necessarily think about the BIG goal everyday, just the little pieces that add up to that BIG goal.


(1) Have a BIG goal, (2) write it down, (3) share it with your team of individuals who where you want to be and then (4) take action.


What do you want to get better at?