Injury Prevention @ The Workplace

Happy Holidays and welcome to winter! Stop by the gym Saturday, December 19th at 8 am for a fun hour of injury prevention exercises that can be implemented not only at the gym, but at workplace!

  • $25, $50 and $75 drawings for those who attend!

Work-related injuries and illness is something that can be prevented, I believe, through new habit formation. This month’s theme happens to be how we can correct or form new healthy habits for ourselves. Whether the goal is big or small, there needs to be action steps that take place to prevent individuals from veering off into the wrong direction. Small actions can lead to big results, so if you are not careful those small actions that you are NOT implementing can leave you running in circles.

Read below for a few examples of how I like to take action:

  1. Make a specific weekly plan-
    • Focus on one thing at a time per day (there can be many other activities that fall under this, but pick a common theme
    • Ex:
      • Goal: Lose 30 pounds by March
      • Analysis: Do I have the resources to train? (motivation, exercises, etc.), nutrition?
      • Action:¬†Research best gyms, nutrition counseling, etc., meal prep
      • Write these things down and check them off
  2. See the big picture but find the who, why and how-
    • What/who do I need to meet with to accomplish these things (take action right away- this can even be an hour once per week set aside for this specific action)
    • Why do I need to do this? Make sure that there is no wasted time. Present yourself with who you want to become instead of living with past failures.
    • Cue= Prevent against disease, injury, weight gain
    • Reward= Energy, reduced illness, decreased injury, positive compliments, etc.

Corrective Exercise at the workplace is something that has been another specialty at Digman Fitness, so ask us how we can help you and your company promote longevity! We take specific action steps with individuals not only promoting healthy exercises, but new HABITS. It’s important to know what to do, but the challenge is to take that into ACTION.