Injury Prevention Clinic/Open House

Happy New Year! As much as you hear “Let’s make this year the best year yet” as a common phrase around this time of year, why not make that a priority? Why not strive for excellence in every area starting with those in top hierarchy?

I want to introduce this New Year as the best year yet at Digman Fitness! I want to challenge myself so that I can challenge YOU to become a better version of yourself! Below are a few things that we will cover at our open house on SATURDAY, JANUARY 16th @ 8 am:

  1. Habit Change- How can we organize our lives so that we can start incorporating healthier foods and consistent exercise?
  2. New Year Challenge- Follow us along for a fun new 8-week challenge that BOTH members and non-members can participate.
  3. Injury Prevention Exercises– How can we stay healthy at home and at the workplace?
  4. Fun Games- How can we incorporate exercise and make it fun?