Improvements to your routine

Below are some helpful tips to keep you in the top shape you need to conquer your goals:


1. An effective and meaningful warm-up routine is a must. The components that make up a meaningful warm-up should include a combination of the following: a specific mobility circuit relative to the exercises you are about to perform (if you are running, simple leg swings and light skips will do the trick), rehabilitation exercises for preventative measure (keep those shoulder and hips sound through specific glute activation and rotator cuff work) and a good nervous system recruitment (if you are about to perform box jumps, burpees or explosive exercises then you need to make sure that your system is ready for that intensity).


2. Progressive intensity is always needed. Make sure that you are always either pushing/pulling more weight, running faster, farther, etc. whatever it may be, make sure that you are constantly changing up the intensity to match your continual fit level improvements.


3. Change. change your routine in some way or fashion every few weeks. It may be the position you put yourself in or how often or how much you do, but constantly have a plan for change.


4. Make goals. Have goals each week so that you can visually see your improvements. keep each other accountable and share those things with others.


5. Cooldown. Have a period at the end of your routine to run through specific regeneration (foam rolling) techniques and stretches.

* Refer also to my previous blogs for ideas on how to incorporate a foam roll