Improve Your Push-up

The push-up can be a fun show of upper body strength for those looking to improve overall fitness and body image. It can also be a detriment and lead to injury in the shoulder if done wrong. There are drills we constantly perform in the gym to make sure we are not only getting stronger, but enhance the quality of the workout.

Read below for a few helpful tips on how to improve your push-up:

  1. Improve your overall core strengthIf our core/glutes aren’t engaged or strong we tend to dip our hips coming out of a push-up.
    1. Deadlift
    2. Squat
  2. Improve your rowing strength Rowing has everything to do with pressing. Our lat muscles are being incorporated, otherwise we fan our elbows out and shrug when we push up from the floor. I.E: pull-ups, bent over rows, band rows

This video below shows a great way to emphasize pulling with your lat muscles as you descend down in a push-up:

  1. Improve the integrity of our rotator cuff complex- ea. can be done during a warm-up to improve function of shoulder and prevent tearing
    1. External Rotations
    2. Rear Delt Raises
    3. Cobras

If this sounds like things that you haven’t been placing emphasis on lately, start incorporating them soon!


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