Holiday Regeneration Fitness Challenge!

Welcome to our Regeneration Fitness Challenge! We hope that throughout the course of the next several weeks you can enhance your fitness level or even develop a new habit!

Here is how the program works:

Step 1- Set aside 5 minutes three times per week to complete my Regeneration Workout (mobility, corrective stretches, strength and cardiovascular).

Step 2– Check in on Facebook (mention Digman Fitness Regeneration Holiday Workout), post a picture of you completing the workout (include heart rate), and your specific goals (what you are eating).

  • If you don’t have facebook, no worries just send pics or video to me (

Step 3- You have to prove that you worked out 3 days per week throughout the entire program to be eligible for the $250 drawing. If you are in driving distance of Digman Fitness you will also win a FREE week of training!

Step 4- After you receive the gift card, post/send a picture of what you purchased/did with the $250. Good luck and have fun!

Start Date- November 9th

End Date- December 25th 

  • 7 weeks (21 workouts)

7-Week Holiday Regeneration Challenge!

Warm-Up Click HERE

Holiday Regeneration Challenge CLICK HERE

Mobility Circuit CLICK HERE