Happy New Year!

2013 was practice

2014 was the warm up

2015 is GAME TIME!


Make this new year GAME TIME for you taking action on your goals and aspirations! Find the things that you need to improve on with your health and take notes on how you to tackle them. If it sounds really easy, it is! But it takes a little action each day for things to become habits. Use positive reinforcement and others around you to help obtain those goals. Put together fun challenges and games around the house within your family to help push each other.

Fill in the blanks below to help kickstart your 2015:

The last 90-120 days I have accomplished… (Something positive to motivate you)

The next 90-120 days I will accomplish…(what have you always wanted to strive towards?)


Your action step is to create your ideal day mapped out with bench marks of progress and ideas. Be sure to continually take 5 MINUTES of each day jotting down notes of what to do and who needs to help you.


Upcoming things to remember:

February starts our next 8-week Meal Makeover Challenge!

Free Week for Family and Friends of Digman Fitness Members to train!


Have a safe and fun 2015!