February: The time of renewed consistency!

Congratulations with your continued efforts towards building a stronger, more conditioned and injury-free body! If you are one who still has trouble with building the “fitness bug”, there is never a better day to start over than TODAY! If you have 5 minutes every day then you owe it to yourself a chance. There are numerous ways at getting better everyday. I like to challenge myself physically and mentally so that each of my goals are met.

Read below to find out more of what is going on at Digman Fitness:

I. Monthly Challenges

  1. February Activity Challenge– Smoothies (how can we incorporate a few healthy drinks per week? How can we provide an extra boost of nutrients within our meal plans? At Digman Fitness in the month of February we provide a new recipe each week along with the opportunity to try them!
  2. February Finisher Challenge– Static Ab Hold (how long can you hold a static position on your butt with your feet off the floor?

Challenge video HERE

II. Regeneration

  1. Digman Fitness provides an online platform for you to perform YOUR SPECIFIC corrective exercises. With as little as 5 MINUTES A DAY, I can help you become pain-free, stronger and more conditioned! Check out the REGENERATION PAGE HERE. You will receive accountability emails 2x/week for the first month along with monthly follow-ups, FULL ACCESS to my exercise gallery with exercises that are tailored towards improving function throughout the whole body (ankles, hips, lower back, upper back, shoulders, etc.), exercises updated monthly along with monthly challenges!
  2. New Year Regeneration Challenge! This challenge enables you to see a sneak peak of what workouts are like! Check it out HERE!

III. Improvements

Digman Fitness continues to help individuals gain confidence, strength, fitness and prevent injuries! There are clients that improve their deadlift max by 100 pounds and others who have minimal/no knee/back pain after training in as little as a few months! Whether you are an athlete or seasoned individual with little experience, we can help you achieve your goals!


Have a great day!