Exercise is Play

What keeps you motivated to exercise? Is it to get in better shape for vacation? to fit into that favorite outfit? or even a even a recent scare from the doctor?
What ever your motivation, it should at least be to ‘play’ or to incorporate some fun into that special 25-60 minutes of each day.
Digman Fitness is holding a fun sponsored event that the whole family can benefit from on August 15th! This event will teach you injury prevention exercises and how to incorporate them in a fun manner!
* Sign up on eventbrite.com HERE
Below are a few examples of how the event will be organized:
1. Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Station
2. Thoracic/Upper Back Station
3. Hip Station
4. Core Station
5. Ankle Station
5. Cardiovascular Station
6. Power Station
7. Total Body Strength Station