Everyday Strongman


What does it mean to be an everyday STRONGMAN or STRONGWOMAN? The EVERYDAY STRONGMAN is an individual who not only lifts, pushes, pulls, or drags equipment for exercise but displays the skills necessary to prevent against injury for the game of life. The fun part is, you don’t necessarily have to be able to lift 1,000 pounds to compete or participate in strongman activities for exercise! Simply lifting a sandbag and carrying it for a distance or lifting dumbbells for a certain amount of reps in a designated amount of time can be a way to set up a great workout! The competition with yourself and others is what makes it fun and engaging!

Take a look a few things that need to be considered while becoming an EVERYDAY STRONGMAN:

  1. Warm-up. Are you warming up your body properly not only for optimal blood flow, but for nervous system recruitment and specific activation. Your warm-up has to be progressive in nature so that you are ready for the specific task. Ex: An individual has to have optimal mobility in his/her hips to squat properly or even enough strength to maintain proper positioning during a lifting movement.
  2. Exercise Selection. What are your goals? What does your daily profile look like? Are you active in your career and need help with exercises that enhance your work life? Let’s make sure that all the bases are covered so that we aren’t over-doing things (correcting rounded posture, improving hip range of motion, etc.).
  3. Setting Goals. What do you want to get out of exercise? If it’s become healthy and lose 20 pounds, put a stamp on it by placing a date on your goal letting everyone around you know what you are chasing. Having a team can make things much easier.
  4. Commitment. Find why you are doing the things you are doing everyday and make sure that it is enjoyable. Your goals are much more attainable when they are FUN and WRITTEN DOWN with specific action steps each day.

Challenge yourself today to become the best EVERYDAY STRONGMAN that you can be!

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