Digman Fitness Open House- April 18th

What better way to welcome spring and nicer weather than a fun workout at Digman Fitness this Saturday, April 18th from 8-9 am! Digman Fitness continues to offer an plethora of challenges and circuits to help you increase function and decrease injury. Some of those are listed below:

1. Monthly and weekly challenges to earn credit towards discounted memberships and gift cards towards healthy food hubs.

2. Fun Strength and Conditioning routines that cater to those who need to increase function, decrease pain and prevent against injury. We utilize screens to help us figure out what YOU specifically need to get better during each visit.

3. Nutritious Post-Workout shakes and punch cards for those looking to be one step closer to optimal health.

4. Winter, Spring and Summer Fitness challenges for chances to win prizes!

5. Community Wellness Challenges! Get your business/coworkers involved in FREE fitness challenges in a similar format to how we structure them at Digman Fitness! These are great ways to be involved and win prizes with Digman Fitness without being there!


Stop on by to Digman Fitness this Saturday morning to WIN $20 OFF your next membership!

Contact Corey at digmanfitness.com to RSVP this weekend!