DF May Challenges

Fitness Challenges can be a fun way to compete with yourself and others to help the necessary positive change we all need.

Each month at Digman Fitness we complete two challenges:

1. Habit Challenge- Completed daily and checked in once/week on accountability (prizes for members and non-members)

2. Exercise Finisher– Completed after each workout to determine best record for both men and women.

Beyond the corrective exercise that each individual is responsible for completing each day, winners of the challenges can gain credit towards three things:

1. Membership Discount!

2. Post-Workout Shake Punch Card!

3. Referral Cards for Non-Members


*Those that want to complete challenges in a corporate work setting and compete with other non-members can log onto the website below:


Click on DF Challenges

Click on “Corporate Wellness”


Good luck and have fun!