Challenge of the Month

Do you ever have days where you are stuck and feel that no matter what you do, you never seem to reach your potential? Are you stuck in a rut and feel that you are so close to that ideal body you desire, but can’t seem to close in on it?

You are not alone and we all struggle with different things that hold us back. It feels as if some days you have enough energy to run a marathon and others you feel as if you could sleep all day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a consistent pattern of energy every day?

I am here to tell you that you can have those results and you can get better!

Take small steps…

I get reminded a lot from my mentors that I should always have that vision of the end result written down and constantly replay it in my head. Along with that, take a few minutes every day to write down steps towards bigger goals which help even BIGGER goals!

For example, If a young child wants to grow up to be a professional basketball player but wonders what to do to get better…what should he do? camps, drills, etc.?
It would help to write down that goal and make sure that it is visual and can be seen daily.
Daily goals…
Plenty of sleep at night, proper nutrition, etc.
Write down as many detailed check lists as you can and you will realize that the bigger goals will just fall into place!
This goes well also for diet/nutrition…
Plan out a hourly, daily, weekly plan of ideas on foods you know are healthy. From there, take that list and get specific to when you are going to prep those meals and follow through.

Give yourself a few minutes on a particular day of the week to review your plan and take action. This will soon become a habit to you before you realize it.